Reusable HGN Cleaning Cartridge AF-9000CCR HG-N


Reusable HGN Cleaning Cartridge
with 6oz Crystalline Cleaning Granules
For Enagic Kangen Water™ Machines Made After 2010

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This kangen electrolysis cleaning cartridge is like no other. First, it is reusable, which is an innovation over our current cleaning cartridge. Second, it is able to hold more of the acid media than any other reusable cleaning cartridge currently available for Kangen Water Ionizers. This is important because you will need more of the crystalline cleaning granules to create the level of acid water to required to really clean the electrolysis plates and internal hoses. This cleaning cartridge:
• Holds 3 times more of the cleaning granule than E-Cleaner for better cleaning result.
• Use only Crystalline Cleaning Granule for Refill (AF-CCG).

This cleaning cartridge will help you keep your life giving kangen water machine giving you the optimum healing water your body hungers for. It is one of the best investments you will make.

Important: This HG-N version of the reusable cleaning cartridge has a triangular indent along the circumference of the center hole on the bottom of the filter. The regular reusable cleaning cartridge has no indent. See diagram below:

If you have one of the older machines and you sent in your water ionizer for service, please note that the machine could have been upgraded by Enagic to the new filter base in which case you would have to get the newer HG-N filters. It is very important that you know which filter your machine uses before you place your order. 

Instructions for Reusable Cleaning Cartridge

Caution: Be certain to shut off the water faucet and power off the unit before using the cleaning cartridge. Failure to do so could result in serious damage to your machine.


  1. Twist and remove the cap from the cartridge.

  2. Fill up reusable cleaning cartridge or e-cleaner (supplied by third party ) with Crystalline Cleaning granules (CCG):
    – For Reusble Cleaning Cartridge: Fill a minimum of 2 ounces of CCG or up to 1/2 inch from top of cartridge for maximum performance (this should be approximately 6 ounces of CCG). Do not overfill.
    – For E-Cleaner Use approximately 1-2 ounces of CCG or up to 1/2 inch from top of cartridge for better results. Do not overfill. Please also refer to the instructions manual from your machine for further details.

  3. Close by securely twisting the cap over the cartridge. Do not over tighen.

  4. Follow instruction steps 1-10

5. After the cleaning cycle is completed, please allow the inside of cleaning cartridge to dry before it is stored away for future use. Do not throw away Reusable Cleaning Cartridge.

Note: The Reusable Cleaning Cartridge is equipped with a water flow reduction valve. For best cleaning performance, reduce water flow rate if you hear loud sounds of water passing through the cartridge.


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