Excel IE-900 Cleaning Cartridge


Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge for the Excel IE-900 Advanced Microwater Ionizer.


New Electrolysis Cleaning Cartridge

We now have access to the cleaning cartridge also used with the Enagic Leveluk units. This is a single use cleaning cartridge used to clean the surface of your electrolysis plates. Because the IE-900 has a more efficient plate cleaning routine than the Leveluk SD501 you will not need to use this cartridge on your IE-900 as much as Leveluk owners. The IE-900 cleans after every use, reducing the need for frequent cleaning by the cleaning cartridge. Engic recommends using the cartridge every six months. Unless you have very hard water, using the cleaning cartridge once a year would be more than enough to keep you machine running like new year after year. 


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