About MicroWater

What’s The MicroWater Difference?

The unique properties of Microwater ionizers (also known as MicroStructured, MicroClustered, Electrolyzed, ionized, Kangen) places them in a class by themselves. Distilled water, reverse osmosis or any other traditional forms of water purification systems are only focus on producing clean drinking water. Alkaline water ionizers not only produce clean water, but they are also designed to produce water that is antioxidant-rich, has concentrated alkaline minerals, with smaller (“Micro”) molecular cluster size that makes it highly absorbable and therefore more hydrating. The smaller molecular structure also facilitates the rapid absorption of food nutrients and nutritional supplements. Further, because Microwater has a higher concentration of alkaline minerals it is far more effective at detoxifying the body of harmful acid waste. These five distinguishing properties makes alkaline ion Microwater the most nourishing water to drink and cook with. These and other facts about alkaline water and acid wastes are fully supported by the excellent research fund on this site.

Antioxidant-rich Microwater™ produces water that acts like liquid antioxidant. Through the process of electrolysis, the molecular structure of the water has been “reduced”. This reduction of the tap water, has allowed the water to acquire the ability to trigger mechanisms within the body allowing for electrons to be donated. This ability to donate electrons allows the body to utilize this water as a mechanism to initiate antioxidant activity for minimizing free radical damage. When the body has an excess of free radicals, the body is placed in a compromised state as free radicals are given the opportunity to damage healthy cells. The damage occurs through free radicals removing electrons from healthy cells for their own survival. Microwater has an increased supply of electrons, and can assist in the body’s control of free radical damage. The antioxidant potential level of the water can be measured using an oxygen reduction potential ORP Meter which we also carry. Water with a negative ORP reading indicates antioxidant potential activity and is expressed in milli-volts. This is one of the most healthful characteristics of Microwater. It should also be noted the Microwater Ionizers were designed to simulate the healthiest water found in nature which were found to have negative ORP. However our Microwater Ionizers are designed to generate negatively charged alkaline water that is more potent than what is found in nature.

Microwater - Water Ionizers

Alkaline-mineral-rich Microwater can more effectively deliver alkaline minerals to cells. This is another byproduct of the process of electrolysis. Electrolysis separates the health-beneficial alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, manganese, iron and sodium found in tap water to produce alkaline drinking water. Due to the smaller-clustered effect of Microwater it can more effectively deliver alkaline minerals to the cellular and sub-cellular level.

Advanced Hydration Through the process of electrolysis, original tap water clusters that were made up of 11-13 water molecules have been restructured into smaller water clusters made up of only 5-6 water molecules. Through this restructuring process, the smaller water clusters have enhanced the hydrating ability of the tap water. Additionally, through the application of the electrical charge, coupled to the electrochemical charges that have been made to the tap water, a more active and bio available water has been created. The basic changes that have been made to the original tap water cluster has restructured the tap water into a superior hydrating water.

Advanced Nutrient Absorption Microwater increases nutrient absorption. It is highly recommended to take your vitamins and minerals with negatively charged alkaline water for maximum absorption of your nutritional supplements. However, use regular purified water to take medication. When a doctor prescribes drugs he or she assumes that a certain amount of it will be excreted in urine. If you use Microwater to take your medications more of the medication will be absorbed thereby changing your prescription. Remember, alkaline water ionizers are considered medical devices in Japan and other Asian countries where they have established guidelines for using them. Microwater ionizers are used in some Asian hospitals as treatment options for various degenerative diseases. Since the FDA has no guidelines for alkaline water ionizers, so most alkaline water representative operate under Asian guidelines. Our Microwater ionizers are designed to dispense both alkaline ionized water as well as purified water which is not ionized. Any of or Microwater models are perfect for cooking soups, steaming vegetables, making juice, coffee or tea.

Advanced Detoxification according to Sang Whang in his book Reverse Aging, the onset of aging, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and a host of other health challenges are due to the accumulation of acid waste in our bodies. Alkaline water is the most effective way to remove acid waste build up in the body. The simplest way to see and understand this is when we use an alkali soap to remove grease or fat which is the acid. The body stores these fats (acids) around the abdomen, legs and breast (away from vital organs) when the body is not alkaline enough to get a ride in the blood. Eventually, these accumulated acids transform is some kind of degenerative disease. Here is why these acids can’t leave the body until it becomes more alkaline. The blood must maintain its alkalinity at all cost, so it dumps the acid waste in these areas and it also drains calcium from the bones in a constant effort to remain slightly alkaline. When the blood is alkaline enough without resorting to these maneuvers it can carry more acids to the skin or kidney where they are excreted. Most people don’t get to this point without making radical changes to their diet and lifestyle which is harder to accomplish than the simple act of drinking alkaline water. Remember we are constantly being bombarded by things that make us acidic, such as our food, stress, pollution etc. This is why having a constant supply of alkaline input like alkaline water or an alkaline diet are essential to create and maintain the alkaline balance we need.