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Pure Porte II Microwater Ionizer

We no longer carry the Pure porte II Microwater ionizers, but we do carry all necessary accessories for this model as well as service this machine. We also carry replacement cartridge filters. In fact there are several filters that can fit your Pure Porte II and they are made right here in the USA.

Accessories for Pure Pote II Japanese water Ionizer

 IE-900 Cleaning Cartridge

Faucet Diverters 


Replacement Filter

Flexible Metal Dispensing hose

pH Test Kits


Pure Porte 2 Gold Microwater ionizer made by Toyo in Japan has been the standard by which all other water ionizers are judged. The legendary Pure Porte II with its gold trimmings makes it an elegant addition to any kitchen, but most important this baby is known as a  work horse. It is built to last with the highest quality Japan has to offer. We sold one of these units to a friend who has a furniture shop, and it functions like a champ amid all the dust in the shop. Incidentally this is the system we use as well. We bought it several years ago and it is still making great alkaline water. The technology used in the Pure Porte has been coveted by other companies and recently Toyo sold this technology to a Japanese firm named Enagic who makes the Leveluk brand of water ionizers. Leveluk ionizers are only available through multi-level network marketing agents and are very expensive. Enagic now calls the water produced by its Leveluk ionizers “Kangen water”. However, the deal between Enagic and Toyo did not prohibit the Toyo group from forming a new concern and to continue making Microwater machines. They quickly formed a new organization which now produces the new and improved Excel-V Microwater ionizer which we also carry. We sold our last Pure Port II ionizer and this model is no longer available. 

Pure Porte II Microwater – Product Specification

  • Counter top with wall mountable Option
  • Continuous flow system
  • High-end components
  • Sensitive Design Inlet Water Pressure from 2 to 42 lbs. per square inch.
  • High Water Flow Output: Up to 1 gallon + a minute.
  • Power Protection: 3 Amp Reset Breaker Switch.
  • Charcoal Filter for a family of four for one year.
  • Change Cartridge Indicator.
  • Tested to remove fluoride.
  • Hot water alert: In-built.
  • Optimal Electrode Performance Using 2 Chamber Inlets.
  • Electrode Cleaning: Automatic. Continuous water-flow mode with indicator lamp when cleaning.
  • Product Delivery: Stainless Steel Tube.
  • 6 levels of pH: 3 Alkaline levels and 3 Acid levels
  • High-Pressure Relief Valve
  • Compact Size: height = 307mm, width = 244mm, depth 130.5 5mm
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs or 5.2 kilograms
  • Power: 120V. 60 Hz, 120 Watts, 3 Amp reset breaker switch.
  • Electrolysis Chamber: Pure Titanium with Platinum Coating. This ionizer automatically calibrates to optimum pH and ORP (negative ion antioxidant charge) engineered and directly based on Japanese University medical research.
  • Servicing: Factory authorized servicing in California.
  • Warranty: One year importer’s warranty.
  • 30-Day money back guarantee
  • Made in Japan and built to last and UL listed.
  • Medical Approval # 05B519.
  • Model #: TYH-81.
  • (This model is no longer available)

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