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MX99 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer


  • Five superior quality platinum coated titanium electrode plates 
  • Built with most advanced water ionization technology 
  • Large LCD display identify the type of water generated, pH, ORP, filter usage, water flow 
  • Five types of water: Alkaline, Strong Alkaline, Acidic, Strong Acidic, Filtered Clean 
  • Easy to use one-touch panel operation 
  • Automatic cleaning of the electrolysis chamber 
  • Powerful granulated antibacterial activated carbon filter

The smart design of our flagship model MX 99 offers the finest in water technology that includes a large-sized liquid crystal display notifying the user of the water being produced: A2O® alkaline water, acidic water, strong acidic water, strong alkaline water or clean water. The large sized electrolytic cell can produce A2O® alkaline water at 0.92 to 1.85 gallons per minute and Strong acidic water at 0.13 to 0.26 gallons per minute. The system can generate water with ORP ranging from +1130MV to -800mV, giving its powerful cleaning and antioxidant properties. The microcomputer system monitors water flow rate and filter cartridge usage. Different levels of A2O® alkaline water and acidic water can be selected with just a simple touch of a button from the color coded control panel. Life is made easier with the automatic cleaning feature–the system is programmed to periodically clean the electrolysis chamber maintaining the highest level of performance. 

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