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MX55 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer


  • Three superior quality platinum coated titanium electrode plates
  • Three types of water: Alkaline, Acidic, Filtered Clean
  • LCD display identifies the type of water generated, pH, filter usage, water flow
  • Easy to use one-touch panel operation
  • Automatic cleaning of the electrolysis chamber
  • Powerful granulated antibacterial activated carbon filter

By process of electrolysis, MX 55 can continuously produce ionized water of various pH levels suitable for many applications. The three platinum coated titanium electrode plates of the MX 55 model mean the system is highly efficient with superior processing capacity. The three types of water can be easily selected with the magnificent one-touch panel operation. The automatic self-cleaning electrolysis chamber maintains the highest level of performance. The system is equipped with three-layered, high powered water cleaning filter creating delicious water. Its advanced technology and ionization process not only changes traditional H2O but it improves on its health value.

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